Affiliations & Pledges

Catholic Climate Covenant

Catholic Climate Covenant helps US Catholics respond to the Church's call to care for creation and the poor. They are grounded in the Church's deep history of teaching on creation, ecology, and the poor.

With the approval and support of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, they help guide the US Church's response to the moral call for action on climate change by sharing authentic Catholic teaching on creation and the poor and by informing and inspiring community leaders to take action (education); by sharing stories of those most affected by climate impacts in the public square (public witness); and by providing concrete tools, techniques, and technical assistance to help Catholic peoples and institutions reduce their carbon footprint and to work for justice (resources).

Catholics Confront Global Poverty

Catholics Confront Global Poverty is an initiative of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops and Catholic Relief Services. As the official voice of the Catholic Church in the U.S., they call on Catholics and our nation to defend the lives and dignity of people living in poverty worldwide, through advocacy and action.

The Global Catholic Climate Movement

The Global Catholic Climate Movement serves the Catholic family worldwide to turn Pope Francis’ Laudato Si’ encyclical into action for climate justice, by undergoing our own ecological conversion, transforming our lifestyles and calling for bold public policies together with the wider climate movement.

Investor Alliance for Human Rights

The Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility (ICCR) launched a new initiative, the Investor Alliance for Human Rights, established to provide a collective action platform to facilitate investor advocacy on a full spectrum of human rights and labor rights issues. This new Alliance, the first of its kind, builds on longstanding ICCR member advocacy to amplify the global investor voice on critical human rights challenges and to promote corporate accountability on human rights.

The Laudato Si’ Pledge

The Laudato Si’ Pledge is a global campaign by the Global Catholic Climate Movement and its member organizations to raise awareness of the encyclical’s message and to encourage the Catholic community to take action with the urgency required by the climate crisis.