Does United Way fund Planned Parenthood?

Our good friends at 2ndVote have done some great research on this topic.  Check out their story.

This is the text from the United Way website:

United Way Worldwide Statement on Support for Planned Parenthood
United Way Worldwide is the leadership and support organization for the network of local United Ways.
All local funding decisions are made by the individual United Ways with the input of local leaders and community stakeholders. United Way Worldwide does not control funding decisions by local United Ways.  In many instances, funding for Planned Parenthood is the result of specific direction from individual donors, including those from the United Way Worldwide Donor Advised Giving program.
Out of 1,129 local United Ways in the United States, only a small number (less than 3 percent) provide direct support to Planned Parenthood. The amount of financial support represents less than one tenth of one percent of total United Way revenue.
Several local United Way partners provide professional family and individual counseling services. Local United Way-funded pregnancy related programs focus on community health maintenance (e.g. communicable disease prevention; medical care service; family planning; health education; public awareness services; and family preservation) and strengthening services like counseling and family life education.