The Issues

The "Socially Responsible Investment Guidelines"
of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops

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In 2003, the USCCB composed their "Socially Resposnible Investment Guidelines" as Principles for USCCB Investments.

To read this document, in its entirety, click the link below.

Protecting Human Life





Embryonic Stem Cell Research-Human Cloning.jpg

Embryonic Stem Cell Research/

Human Cloning


Promoting Human Dignity

Human Rights.jpg

Human Rights

Racial Discrimination.jpg

Racial Discrimination

Gender Discrimination.jpg

Gender Discrimination

Access to Pharmaceuticals.jpg

Access to Pharmaceuticals

Curbing Pornography.jpg

Curbing Pornography


Reducing Arms Production

Production and Sale of Weapons.jpg

Production and Sale of Weapons

Antipersonnel Landmines.jpg

Antipersonnel Landmines


Pursuing Economic Justice

Labor Standards - Sweatshops.jpg

Labor Standards /Sweatshops

Affordable Housing - Banking 2.jpg

Affordable Housing/Banking


Protecting The Environment

The Environment.jpg

The Environment


Encouraging Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility.jpg

Corporate Responsibility