On November 12, 2003, the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops introduced their groundbreaking "Socially Responsible Investment Guidelines".

As concerned stewards, they wrote:

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (“USCCB”, “Conference”) is called to exercise faithful, competent and socially responsible stewardship in how it manages its financial resources. As a Catholic organization, the Conference draws the values, directions and criteria which guide its financial choices from the Gospel, universal church teaching and Conference statements. In order to function effectively and to carry out its mission, the Conference depends on a reasonable return on its investments and is required to operate in a fiscally sound, responsible and accountable manner. The combination of religious mandate and fiscal responsibilities suggests the need for a clear and comprehensive set of policies to guide the Conference’s investments and other activities related to corporate responsibility.



The broad area of engagement (e.g., Corporate Responsibility, Human Life, Weapons). 


The area encompassing one or more screens (e.g., Labor Rights, Abortion, Controversial Weapons). 


The specific issue assessed (e.g., Child Labor Violations, Abortion Provider, Anti-Personnel Land Mine Production). 

Screen Definition 

Description of the screen (e.g., Companies that have committed serious child labor violations within the past 3 years, Companies that provide abortions as part of their services, Companies that produce land mines intended for use against personnel). 

Screen Set 

A specifically defined and named group of one or more screens (e.g., Catholic Values Screen Set™, FFV Scorecard® Screen Set™).


We develop, monitor and maintain the following screens.


Consumer Protection

Anti-Trust Fine >$5 million
SEC Fine >$100 million


Corruption Fine >$50 million

Labor Rights

AFL-CIO Boycott
Child Labor Violations
Discrimination Fine >$20 million
OSHA Fine >$1 million


Predatory Banking

Microlending Revenue >10%
Unsatisfactory CRA Rating



Environmental Violation Fine >$5 million



Anti-LGBT Behavior
Gender Identity Equal Opportunity Employment Policy
Human Rights Campaign Corporate Donations
Human Rights Campaign Equality Score 100
LGBT Diversity Council
LGBT Organizational Competency Training
LGBT Public Support
Same Sex Partner Medical Benefits
Same Sex Partner Soft Benefits
Sexual Orientation Equal Opportunity Employment Policy
Transgender Inclusive Health Insurance Benefits
Vendor Equal Opportunity Policy


Adult Content

Adult Entertainment Production



Abortifacient Production
Abortion Provider
Acute Care Facility Ownership
Planned Parenthood Corporate Donations


Contraceptive Production

Stem Cells

Human Cloning Involvement
Human Embryonic Stem Cell Usage
Human Fetal Tissue Usage



Alcohol Production
Alcohol Production Revenue >10%


Gambling Operation Revenue >10%
Gambling Operations


Marijuana Involvement


Private Penitentiary Involvement


Tobacco Production
Tobacco Production Revenue >10%
Tobacco Wholesaling
Tobacco Wholesale Revenue >10%


Civilian Weapons

Civilian Weapon Production

Controversial Weapons

Anti-Personnel Land Mine Production
Biological Weapon Production
Chemical Weapon Production
Cluster Munition Weapon Production
Depleted Uranium Weapon Production
Nuclear Weapon Production

Military Weapons

Military Systems Production
Military Systems Production Revenue >10%


Available in areas not included in above screens

Screen Sets

Catholic Values Screen Set™ 

The Catholic Values Screen Set™ is a turnkey screen set based on the “Socially Responsible Investment Guidelines” of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.  The design of the screening is meant to meet the requirements listed in the document as it was originally published in November 2003.

FFV Scorecard Screen Set™ 

Standing for Faith & Family Values, the FFV Scorecard Screen Set™, is a turnkey screen set based on the proprietary research and methodology of IWP Capital and the continual progression and interpretation of Catholic values investing.   

Development began in 2006 with ten different screen definitions and has been updated each year since.  The team realized early on that corporate culture was dynamic and screening needed to be as well.   

The FFV Scorecard Screen Set™ started with the “Socially Responsible Investment Guidelines” of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops and will always meet those requirements.  Also influenced by Church doctrine, encyclicals, IWP’s proprietary research, and our Catholic Values Advisory Board, the FFV Scorecard Screen Set™ will continue to evolve to meet the needs of a changing environment to be the most pertinent screening tool for true Catholic values investing.


IWP Screening Summary (Rev. 6/30/2019)


Since 2006, IWP Capital has used a defined process to implement these Guidelines based on our extensive experience.  We developed the FFV Scorecard® to capture our proprietary process of screening based on the Guidelines.  We have proprietary data on more than 31,000 domestic and international companies and bond issuers.

We offer both a list service based on popular indexes and can also apply a custom faith-based screen for our clients' specific needs.  We also provide ongoing stock monitoring for our clients.  

We can also apply screening to co-brand a product for an investment manager for sale in the marketplace.